Healthcare Factoring and Funding

Businesses within the healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors often require finance to overcome unforeseen challenges and help them grow. Political, budgetary and policy factors can all put a strain on the finances of firms in the healthcare sector, which is why having a fast, reliable and affordable source of working capital is so beneficial.

At Porter Capital, we can provide quick access to a range of business funding solutions that are specifically suited to healthcare providers. Whether it’s factoring to turn unpaid invoices into cash or working capital loans to plug short-term gaps in cash flow, we have the funding solutions to help you grow.

What can Healthcare Funding be used for?

The finance requirements in the healthcare and medical sectors are very different from the demands that other commercial industries face. That’s why it’s so important that healthcare businesses work with a finance provider who understands their specific requirements and has solutions that support them.

Having been founded in 1991, we have more than 30 years of experience providing financial products for healthcare companies that need working capital to achieve their goals. That includes: