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Factoring your invoices with Porter Capital makes getting the business funding you need to grow and expand quick and easy.

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Quick access to invoice factoring

Because we offer advances on your receivables we are able to move quickly to get companies approved and funded

Flexible financing solutions

We work with customers that may not qualify for traditional funding. If you have dealt with a past or current bankruptcy, have rapid growth or are looking to expand, you may be a perfect candidate for funding with Porter Capital.

Competitive rates

We offer some of the most competitive rates in the business. We’re able to offer advances up to 90% on each invoice for factoring receivables.

Improved cash flow

Financing your invoices can provide steady cash flow to help you run your business.


What Is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring, also commonly referred to as accounts receivable factoring, simply means the factoring company purchases your company’s invoice. Basically, you sell your unpaid invoices to the factoring company and you get cash in advance. Invoice factoring is a great solution for businesses in a variety of industries, especially small businesses looking to grow or expand.

How Does Invoice Factoring Help Companies?

One of the main benefits of turning to a factoring company is the ability to increase cash flow while waiting for
your customers to pay their invoices. If you have customers that are slow to pay, or if your industry experiences
seasonal highs and lows, then factoring your unpaid invoices can help reduce your cash flow issues by getting
your invoices paid in advance.
Obtaining cash upfront can help your business quickly grow and expand to meet your business’s needs.
Whether you need working capital to pay your employees, buy new equipment, expand your business, or simply
keep your business afloat, factoring your accounts receivable can help. Plus, your customers get more flexible
payment terms.
Furthermore, the approval process is typically very fast (often in as little as 24 hours) and requires a lot less
paperwork and frustration compared to traditional lending companies.

With Invoice Factoring You Can Get Approved Fast

Porter Capital works with a variety of customers that may not qualify for traditional business loans or need immediate access to cash. If you have dealt with a past or current bankruptcy, are experiencing rapid growth, or are looking to expand, then you may be a perfect candidate for invoice factor.
With invoice factoring, you are selling your invoices to the factoring company and are obtaining typically between 70-90% of the sold invoice upfront. One benefit is that this solution is a debt-free financing option for businesses.
Invoice financing, on the other hand, involves obtaining a loan from the business company by using the uncollected invoices as collateral. This method involves a bit more risk because the business owner is still responsible for collecting on the unpaid invoices.

Recourse vs Non-Recourse Factoring

When it comes to factoring your accounts receivables, there are two options: recourse and non-recourse.
Recourse factoring requires the business owner to pay the factoring company back if the invoices are not paid by their customer in time. This places less risk on the factoring company and therefore tends to include fewer fees compared to non-recourse factoring.
With non-recourse factoring, the business owner is not liable if the customers fail to pay the unpaid invoices.
Therefore, the factoring company takes on most of the risk, and the fees are a bit higher as a result.
Porter Capital can help you determine which solution is best for your specific business needs!

Why Porter Capital?

Porter Capital offers competitive rates and a quick approval process for business funding (including invoice factoring) for companies all over North America. We are able to advance up to 90% of each of your invoices.
Then you get the remainder, minus the factoring fee, once the invoice is paid by your customer.

Some of the key benefits of choosing Porter Capital as your factoring company:

  • Quick Access To Invoice Factoring

  • Competitive Rates

  • Flexible Financing Solutions

  • Improved Cash Flow

  • Incredible Customer Service

  • No Concentration Limits

  • Minimum Documentation Required

  • Will Fund Past-Due (Outstanding) Invoices

  • Trusted Business-To-Business (B2B) Factoring Company

Ready To Get Started?

Porter Capital offers competitive rates and a quick approval process for business funding for companies all over North America, including invoice factoring. Simply fill out the form below to gain access to Porter Capital’s financing solutions and let us help you get the right funding to support
your business needs.

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