Payroll funding, also known as invoice factoring, is a financing solution for the staffing industry to cover payroll by resolving cash flow problems. A staffing company could be waiting 30 to 90 days to receive payment on invoices, but needs to meet employee payroll sooner. On top of meeting payroll, staffing agencies also need funds to pay employee taxes and other business expenses.

Staffing agencies can achieve consistent cash flow to sustain growth by selling their receivables to a payroll funding company. This will provide you with immediate access to funds, so you don’t need to worry about slow-paying clients.

What is payroll funding?

As a staffing company, making payroll is one of the most important jobs. Without payroll processing, you can lose employees and risk going out of business. Regardless of if you work with reliable customers, having access to your working capital is extremely important as a staffing agency business owner.

When you have a source of funding, you can pay your employees immediately, instead of waiting to collect on invoices. While there are other financing options like banks, many small businesses do not qualify as they do not have good enough credit or assets to borrow against collateral. This is why invoice financing is the payroll funding solution your staffing agency needs.

How does payroll funding work?

Payroll funding is the act of selling your invoices to a payroll finance company to receive immediate access to cash. This financing is designed specifically to help staffing agencies meet their payroll needs without waiting to collect from customers to grow your business.

The factoring company buys the unpaid invoice from your customer to advance the cash to your bank account the same day. Once your customer pays the funding company at the end of the payment term, you receive the rest of the invoice amount, minus a small fee. This quick access to capital helps sustain business growth.

Steps of payroll funding

  • Provide Services: The staffing company operates and provides services as usual based on the agreed-upon payment terms. Payroll can only be funded after hours have been worked to use payroll funding.
  • Billing Customers: The staffing agency invoices the customer like normal, but changes the “remit to” instructions. Once the staffing company has signed on with a financing company, the payment instructions change to pay the payroll funding company instead.
  • Sell the invoices: The staffing agency submits invoices to the payroll funding company. The face value (usually around 90%) of the invoice is advanced to the staffing company the same day.
  • Collecting Payment: Once the payroll funding company has collected payment from the customer, the remaining invoice amount (minus a small fee) is released to the staffing agency.

Is payroll funding a fit for your business?

Payroll funding could be a financial solution for your business if:

  • You business is a staffing agency
  • Your customers pay in 30 to 90 days
  • You need access to cash to grow your business
  • You struggle to make payroll
  • You struggle to secure funding from traditional sources

If you’re a staffing agency experiencing revenue growth, delayed payments from customers, or are experiencing cash flow shortages due to unforeseen situations; payroll funding could be the solution for you.

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